“Trekking Peaks” first came into existence in 1978 when Nepal Mountaineering Association was formed. Eighteen new peaks were opened to foreign climbers with a significantly simpler permit system compared to that required for climbing one of the 104 expedition peaks.

All peaks are under 6,500m, lie close to popular and accessible trekking routes and some amazing climbs of several days can easily be incorporated into any of the wonderful treks in these areas.

And so the name Trekking Peaks came about. However, the peaks listed hereafter span a full range from excellent introductions to Himalayan mountaineering like Mera Peak, Island Peak and the Chulu Peaks, to some extremely challenging climbs, for instance on the north face of Phari Lapcha or Cholatse, which attract the world’s very best climbers.

In 2002, the list of peaks was extended (split into NMA-A and NMA-B lists) offering yet more exciting mountaineering possibilities, many of which are slowly becoming increasingly popular targets for those who want to experience Himalayan mountaineering on a short duration visit.

About Nepal Mountaineering Association

Nepal Mountaineering Association is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization working as the national alpine association of Nepal to promote mountain tourism and climbing sports, protect mountain environments and preserve and promote the cultural heritage of mountain people.

More information can be found from the NMA website homepage.

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    i checked your web site, for me its perfectly done and looks like i have nothing to suggest about the peak profile.

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    About the Nepal Mountaineering Association
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  • Paulo Grobel

    Very good job Rich !!! F√©licitations…
    and of course the game of interactivity with the climbing community just start.
    On my point of vue, a scaling of the difficulty of the climbing route is very important. And the use of the international UIAA scale a first hand solution , with in adition a second entry scale. I explain that in my book “Summit of Nepal” but in French.
    For example, Imja Tse is (may be) IV/AD+ in snow.
    See you when I come back from Bhrikuti in mid october.
    all the best
    Paulo_from Boudhanath

  • really informative site about Trekking Peaks of Nepal great
    NMA website homepage.

  • Jude Newton-Stock

    What’s the difference between an NMA A and B peak?

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      Nothing much, just the licence pricing.