About trekking peaks in Nepal

Nepal has 33 trekking peaks in all. All require a permit to climb. The listing is split in to A and B peak groups according to when they were put under the management of  Nepal Mountaineering Association.

A and B peaks have different permit systems, given below, but all permits can only be issued though an NMA Associate Member and all climbing teams must take with them an NMA certified climbing guide.

Fee Structure For Group “A” NMA Peaks
Royalty for up to seven members (U.S Dollars) 500.00
Royalty for each additional member up to a maximum of 12 person (U.S. Dollars) 100.00

Fee Structure for Group “B” NMA Peaks

Group Size Rate US$ Additional P/P US$
1-4 Persons 350.00 Only
5-8 Persons 350.00 Plus 40.00 (Per person)
9-12 Persons 510.00 Plus 25.00 (Per person)
Note: Maximum number of members in a team is 12.

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